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Sheryl Wagner: It’s who, not what… Who? Say What!?! Ask for her salon expertise by name.


Sheryl Wagner

 Master Stylist, Sheryl Wagner provides each client with the best service provided in HAIR, (straight, curly, long or short) NAILS, PEDICURES, SKINCARE, WAXING, MASSAGE, SPRAY TANNING, EXTENSIONS,  HAIR STRAIGHTENING, and SPECIAL OCCASION STYLES.  Sheryl’s focus is to  build a quality, personalized and trusting relationship with you while keeping your style up-to-date in the latest styles using the most current products and techniques.

Come experience Sheryl’s exceptional customer service that is top notch above the rest. 

Master Stylist, Sheryl Wagner does not merely “just cut” the hair, but sculpts it into precision shapes to frame and enhance the face and head shape itself. Sheryl Wagner is disciplined and trained in techniques that are anything but boring, unimaginative, and “cookie cutter”.

What she creates is truly an art form! Her years of experiences as a Salon Professional, Salon Educator and an Expert Instructor to Apprentices.  ALL THESE COMBINED, give clients a look that is as individual as they are and a style that is versatile with any life style, no matter how much time, you don’t have to spend on your hair at home.

Sheryl’s Unlimited Looks philosophy combines precision and accuracy mixed well with boundless creativity and imagination. Each client contours and angles and colics are given attention to be understood in their dominating direction before the scissors are even picked up the same way an artist would sculpt a master piece out of stone. Therefore, each cut IS A Signature cut.

Sheryl Wagner’s skill and techniques assure that your hair falls beautifully into place with balanced proportion so that even messed up, and no time to spend on it you, the style will look great, thus allowing for the versatility of a playfully, loose or a put together business style to fit any occasion and home maintenance schedule.

Formerly at Transitions Family Hair Care & Tanning. Now at Salon Aura 900, S Taylor St, Green Bay, WI 54303