Curly Hair

with Master Stylist SHERYL WAGNER

Managing your curly hair on your own can be challenging, much less finding a hairstylist that understands what you are dealing with. Look no farther than Master Stylist, Sheryl Wagner! She has more than 20 years of experience and educating others in the hair industry.

Having curly hair herself, Sheryl understands all the challenges her clients are faced with. Sheryl has proven and refined cutting techniques that address different variations of curl. Sheryl’s expert advise: “Every curl pattern is different and unique. The proper cut is half the battle in having a manageable up to date style. What looks great on a curly haired celebrity, may not work with your curls.”

With each service, Sheryl listens carefully envisioning your desired out come, taking into consideration the length, curl type, and how much time you don’t want to spend styling it. Included, is instruction on the proper use of styling tools, and hydrating and nourishing styling products. Sheryl educates on smoothing treatments for shinny frizz free control, curl definition and reduction of split ends. Included are endless tips on home care and styling ideas for you to add to your armoire of knowledge about your own hair. In the end it’s important that your hair looks good and works for you and between your salon visits.

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